Sunday, September 2, 2018

Summer Lovin'

What the actual heck? More than nine months have gone by since I've entered the blogosphere 'round here? Well oh well, I guess it's time for a photo dump. This holiday, as we Europeans like to say, we went to the stunning Tatra Mountains for our getaway. Tomáš, being a state employee, gets the awesome benefit of extremely cheap accomodation in dream places such as here. So, we went there! Now, I'm no stranger to gorgeous mountain scenes, this was my backyard growing up. But what I didn't expect, and what delighted me more than anything else, were all the 1960s chalets and hotels and restaurants and cafes and even museums. I felt a little like this.  Tomáš and I also ''celebrated'' our ten-year anniversary while there, and by celebrated, I mean I sneaked a tiny birthday candle into the continental breakfast that morning and stuck it in his pastry and lit it, and he, completely embarrassed, quickly said ''happy'' and blew it out and hid the contraband within a 1/2 second. Happy, indeed. No matter, let the pics speak for themselves...enjoy! 

Train station restaurant, Štrbské Pleso

Train schedule

I will stay here one day, mark my words

Jazierka Lásky ''Lakes of Love'' 

Joke book and train pass in hand

This trooper hiked here with crutches



This was sooo cooool! 

''It's probably best you don't turn around.'' 

It's funny when a burnt-out mini van has rock-n-roll flame stickers

This light.

THIS LIGHT! I had to stop. 

Happy back-to-school, everyone!