Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The cutest gift Lily never got (to wear).

A couple weeks ago a package arrived from Switzerland. We had been expecting it. Anxiously awaiting whatever goodies lay inside. You see, my friend Glenna, like me, has found herself living abroad, and she, like me, knows the joys (and necessity) of getting things from home. So she blessed us with some of those from a recent trip to Montana, like Annie's macaroni and cheese and Tipu's chai. But there was also something in there, so totally unexpected, so totally over-the-top cute, so totally...small that I could have cried when I realized they didn't fit. Behold...

Pink cowboy boots...for babies.

Real leather.

From Hawaii.

Oh, how I pushed and poked that chubby little foot inside, but to no avail. With socks, without socks, I stopped short just this side of pantyhose but that's about the only thing I didn't try. So, alas, they sit in our closet awaiting theoretical baby girl number two. But they're sure cute to look at.