Friday, June 7, 2013

This ain't no Pachelbel's Canon

My Canon Powershot SD 300 Elph held up like a champ for eight long years of non-stop use and abuse. But it could not withstand Lily's trigger finger!*. So, after it broke down we broke down and bought a new Canon IXUS 240 HS. Despite all the bells and whistles I think we're gonna get along ok ( ; ) )  Rosy seems to like it.
R.I.P., Canon 300, I will miss your real-metal body.

Learning to crawl:

*Tomáš says it's not fair to blame it on Lily, that maybe it would have broken anyway. I suppose it could have been a coincidence that after he let her play with it and she continually pushed and held down the button, the shutter stayed open and the zoom froze up ; ) (love you, honey).
Click on this image and hold down the right arrow key.