Saturday, June 16, 2012

Breaking the Silence...Or something Like That

It's been well over two months since I've blogged and for once it's not (exactly) my fault. Blogger or Opera or someone behind the curtain just suddenly stopped letting me upload pictures. I procrastinated searching for a solution for two months until finally the other day, a friend of ours gave me a good suggestion.
So, with that being said, I've missed you. I have a lot to share, so get your reading glasses on...
Almost three months ago we found out that I'm going to be a momma. (Does spelling it m-a-m-a seem like I mean ''hot chick'' to anyone else? Maybe I'm just goofy). Again, I mean. For the .00001 percent of you who are not on Facebook, I am pregnant! Well, I'm not pregnant, for you, I meant for your information. But I digress. At first I calculated my due date as November 24th, and on a Skype chat with my friend Katie discovered that we had the exact same due date! Neither of us had known that the other was even pregnant. It was such a sweet, funny, surprising conversation...She asked subtly "When are you guys gonna try for another baby?'' ''Well...'' ''Are you PREGNANT?'' ''Um...'' ''ARE YOU? am I!'' ''When are you due?'' November 24th.'' ''SO AM I!!!'' But with each passing doctor's appointment, my due date kept getting pushed up, first to the 19th, then the 15th and now the 12th. So Lily will be two years and a month older than the new babe. I couldn't have asked for a better age difference. We cannot wait to see her be a big sister. We have 12 days until we find out if she will have a little sister or brother. Tomáš wants a boy. I am completely torn. I want a boy for his sake, and not just for him, I know little boys can be so sweet. But I am terrified of raising a boy. I guess now because of Lily I feel more comfortable with girls, but I will be ecstatic either way. Names, on the other hand, are not coming so easily.
I have so many pictures I'd like to share with you, but now our computer seems to be on the fritz, so I can only show you those that I had already uploaded before said fritz on-being. So, until next time, here are a few from early spring.  
We went for ice cream after work on a rare sunny day

We had two circuses come to town, neither of which we attended, but did take advantage of visiting the animals

I tried my hand and failed at dyeing eggs with natural ingredients, but discovered they hide just the same

We ''re-gave'' Lily the bunny-dog from my mom now that she's old enough to appreciate it

I was ''whipped and watered,'' as is Slovak Easter tradition, by our friend Jurček

I devoured all the potato salad leftovers after lunch at Tomáš' parents', making that my first official pregnancy craving