Friday, November 2, 2012

Gourd hoard

     I've been going a little pumpkin crazy around here. They don't sell canned pumpkin in Slovakia so I am going to milk this season for all it's worth. A friend with a food blog wrote about making pumpkin butter (like jam) and I was intrigued and excited. I still haven't made that, but I started out with this..

The most gorgeously orange pumpkin puree I have ever seen. And it was as sweet as candy, I tell you. Somehow it seemed like a shame to use it to make jam when it was so sweet already, so I mixed a little into my oatmeal,

made pumpkin cinnamon cream cheese spread,

did a little taste testing,

and butchered some pumpkin pancakes in my hurried frenzy to get out the door for my doctor's appointment. I was so, so excited to try making them, but I don't know if it's just our cheap pan or if you have to make some alterations to account for the pumpkin addition, but they stuck like crazy and just failed miserably. So, a day or two later I made normal palacinky (crepes), the most beautiful in my whole life (aka not a single one stuck or burned), and filled some of them with the pumpkin cream cheese. They were heavenly.

The white is tvaroh, a common ricotta-like sweet cheese

 So! Next up is pumpkin cheesecake, I think. We finally have all the ingredients in one place at one time so, we'll see. Other than that around here it's just been belly shots (as in photographs where my belly makes uninvited appearances),


 and plenty of cuteness.

Happy November!