Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Now and Then

Photo by Cody Schliebe
One of the coolest things about having a baby is seeing your family members in them. From the very beginning I knew Lily had my dad's eyes. And because my younger brother also has my dad's eyes, Lily also has his eyes. But possibly even stronger than the physical resemblance are the expressions she makes. I was hoping to find a better one of Code making this face because anyone who knows him knows this face, but you still get the idea.        

  This next one is me as a what? two-year-old? three? I think the resemblance is pretty evident (save for my dead tooth). I was pretty pleased with these ones. P.S. I wish I had that smock today.    

I tried to find a picture of my dad as a kid making this expression, because he is who I mostly see when Lily makes this worried, brow-furrowing expression (and she makes it a LOT), but then I found this one of Code making it. The one of Bug isn't exact, but I didn't have time to search our 8 billion pictures of her for a better one. But you can see what I mean. 

She always reminds me of my older brother when she's drinking her bottle. At first I couldn't figure out what it was, but I think it's because when she's laying down, her face thins out a little bit when those sizeable cheeks fall back, and she looks more like he did when he was a kid. Unfortunately Tomáš only has two, faraway photographs of himself as a baby, so it's hard to compare. But if you look closely, you just might see a slight resemblance there. 

The funny thing is that I don't see him so much when I look at her, but I totally see her when I look at him. The expressions he makes with his eyes. 
I looked more like my dad when I was little, but now I look much more like my mom. I wonder if she'll look more like her when she's older too. I love seeing my family in her. It makes me feel close to them. Sometimes it makes me miss them terribly. But it certainly makes me love her even more.
 No matter who she looks like, she is Lily Štrbavá, a true original. 

*I went ahead and left the pictures blown up, despite how Blogger crappily cuts off the edges.