Friday, January 25, 2013


     Gosh, I really hate to be the apologetic blogger who is always excusing herself for not writing (I'm told this is a blogging faux pas which, unrelatedly, my friend Nick pronounces fox paws) ummm, but I do really wish I would write more because I have no shortage of ideas, what I lack is focus. I don't know if it's being mom to a two year old and a two month old or what, but my mind is as scattered as Lily's toys and therefore all I seem to be able to scrounge up lately are picture posts. But who doesn't love a good picture post anyway? Especially with girls as cute as ours. I suspect talking about how cute your kids are is also a blogging faux pas, so slap some handcuffs on me 'cause I'm guilty as charged.
     For now, here are a handful of momentky, a Slovak word I love...
Tough chick. Just look at the size of her hand.

Nobody's tough when they're yawnin', am I right?



Daddy's little helper


Mama's little helper

Spoonful of honey

*If the video were clearer you would see that the title of the book is ''97 Ways to Make a Baby Laugh.''

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


     When my brothers and I were little we, like all kids, had trouble falling asleep Christmas Eve night. We were so excited for Christmas morning we tried to think of any way possible to make ourselves fall asleep faster. My older brother decided he was gonna do push-ups to tire himself out, serving only to make him more wired, as you might imagine. We had a greenhouse in the middle of our upstairs with a hallway surrounding it, which served nicely for running laps. That also worked about as well as a quadruple-shot mocha for making us sleepy. But they're good memories. My mom is a master at Christmas. I don't know how else to say it. She has always managed to make Christmases magical for us, no matter how little money we had. I'll never forget the Christmas when my brothers both got Transformers and I got a Cabbage Patch Kid. I know that she saved for those presents. Maybe magical is the wrong word, because for us it wasn't about Santa Claus. But children are filled with wonder and our Christmases were wonder-full. Growing up, we had very little money. But isn't it only when we lack something that we fully appreciate getting something? I remember our living room resounding with thankfulness. Spilling over with it. This is what I want for our girls.
     When last I left you it was Christmas Eve. I am again having problems uploading pictures, and I want/ed to put up so many more. But in the meantime, here are the ones I uploaded pre-problem...

First pre-Christmas present from our friend Mirka

And several others, all equally adorable

obligatory blurry light photo

Mid photo shoot photo I posted about in my last post

Lily, hamming it up at Christmas dinner. She's saying ''aaaGAIN!!!''

Plenty of peek-a-boo too

Easily my favorite moment of the night. Dancing with Dedko to Tomáš' guitar playing.

I did use redeye reduction on these, but they looked creepier than without

Testing out the Magnadoodle

A gift from our friend Zuzi.
      Tomáš chose this card because of the scary bull. He said the manger scene would not have been as idyllic as it is often portrayed. And that if he had his baby in a barn next to a bull, he would be terrified of him. He makes a good point.
     So I hope the holidays filled you all with wonder, and you were able to be surrounded by love and loved ones. We got to have daddy home for two full weeks. Which was also not as idyllic as it is often portrayed, hehe. But I'm so thankful I got to have him home. Merry late Christmas and happy belated new year to you all. I promise to write again before Valentine's day.