Sunday, May 31, 2015

Our lake

     There is a lake about 1/2 hour's walk from our flat and we go there FAR too rarely. Yesterday we went. It was perfect weather for a walk. Lily took her scooter and Rosy took Tomáš' shoulders. Half of Bánovce had the same idea, including my sister-in-law and co. I am continually amazed by the beauty that surrounds me in this little country I call home. Lush green all around. We had a not-so-rare Yogaman sighting, a startlingly tan man who is often seen around this lake clinging on things and doing yoga. He's never hard to miss, but less so yesterday, as he was windsurfing in his ''undinky,'' a Štrbavý family word coined by taking the word undies and Slovakifying it. Tomáš corrected Rosy when she pointed out he was in his undinky, saying that they were actually swim trunks. Unfortunately Rosy was right. We capped off the trip by stopping off at this place, to have a Kofola beer, potato pancakes and some hot dogs. The girls swung and slid with the best of them. Then the sky turned black and we had to hurry home for our lives. Within minutes of our return it was pouring rain. It was a sweet day. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mamas Day/ Deň Matiek

I've been sitting on this post for weeks now. (What else is new?) So here's a post dedicated to my most loyal reader. We love you, Mom!!!
Griz football tryouts at the U of M? 

Picture for posterity. Lily has one too. The snaps were too weak to wear but I LOVEd these velvet cuties. 

She spotted a dog on a balcony. 

I almost cried when I brought the girls out here and discovered ALL the trees and bushes had been cut. What used to be a lush hedge is now a wasteland. 

A gift T received from someone or other : ) Rosehip jam, which I had previously only heard about (YUM!), coffee beans and honey. 

They looked so cute that morning to me. 

Rosy's bouquet

I made homemade Sriracha. Doesn't taste the same, but it's still delicious. And no MSG. 

I made this recipe.  Mine looked a little different, because I had eaten all my ramps (wild garlic).