Friday, June 6, 2014

Strawberry Fields Hour

     Today might have been my favorite day all year. And if not all year, certainly my favorite in a very long time. My friend came to visit me for the umpteenth time, despite me promising to go visit her, well, just about as many and always (always) having to cancel for one reason or another. It was a perfect visit. Easy. Relaxed. And I got to enjoy about her what I enjoy most; deep conversations punctuated with silliness. There were some teary moments (an earmark of a good conversation in my book), and I was just generally overall blessed by her today. I don't want to embarrass her, but I just felt really lucky to be her friend. You know, those moments when you feel love from someone. To truly feel that they love you, and not only that, but that you know and love the same God. It's really something special. I learn from her. I feel challenged by her. And today she made me feel more grateful. And that is something precious. Mark my words, anyone who causes you to feel more thankful is worth hanging on to.  
     Part two of my favorite day took place in a village called Ostratice. I had been wanting to take Lily strawberry picking for a while. Twice we tried to go to the place in B√°novce, only to find out they were closed, and then today, refusing pickers due to too-green berries. Luckily there's another strawberry farm, if I can call it that, not far from here and it. was. amazing. I had never been to a pick-your-own produce place before and it was true love. The weather was perfect. The atmosphere was easy, in that Slovak way that cannot be described but that I treasure. The berries were the best I've ever had in my whole life (save for those wild strawberries we would find in the forest by our house as kids). I must have eaten 50 berries while picking. Rosy must have too, judging by her face and her refusal to eat dinner later. As for Lily, I couldn't get her to pick berries to save my life, but she made friends with (or pestered?) some other pickers and got really excited about the giant metal strawberry by the entrance. Yeah, you know. I'm leaving Slovakia with the girls for 25 days next Friday and I am so thankful to have had this time with my family.

Promo pic? Fructop, call me. 

That's 26 pounds right there, my friend.