Monday, September 24, 2012

Birthdays Galore

     Well, Lily's birthday is in three weeks and as usual I am feeling full of inspiration and excitement for the party. Immediately after her first birthday Tomáš promptly forbade another kids' party this year, so I guess I'm limited to the family one. Nevadi. Like last year, I am going to make her birthday outfit (which I'm sooo excited for). Unlike last year I will also be making the cake. I had hoped to steer clear of the awful chemicals in food coloring, but when experimenting with raspberries as coloring, I found out that they just do not give me the Technicolor quality I'm looking for, so I guess once a year won't hurt anybody. I'm planning on doing a pink ombre cake, which I know is so 2011, but I still think they're pretty, and the makings are available here, unlike some others I might like to do. Although Lily would be happiest if we just had piles of ham, I think I'll try to decorate some cookies with some of her favorite things like swings, monkeys and foxes. We'll see.
     Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment and although everything is great with the baby, there is a reason that I might be induced two weeks early! That means there would be roughly two weeks between the girls' birthdays! Last weekend we had a group birthday party to celebrate: my niece Verka's birthday, Tomáš' birthday and my sister-in-law's along with her mom and Tomáš' mom's name days. Yesterday was my mom's birthday and my cousin's was the week before. Next will come Lily's birthday, and baby number two's birth day. In other words, I feel like a lone cowboy being born way out in the wild west of June. Hehe, that was a silly analogy. Basically I just wanted an excuse to post these pictures and this video. Enjoy!

Verka eating her blonde ballerina's head